Our Firm is registered in the Central Bank of Uruguay’s Auditors Registry and has acquired relevant experience in different audit engagements.

The methodology employed by the Firm is line with the international standards on auditing, of mandatory application in our country as determined by the Uruguayan Association of Accountants, Economists and Business Administrators, and with the international network of the Geneva Group, of which we are members.

To ensure quality control according to the international standards on auditing, the Department’s employees carry out their work with the required independence, integrity, objectivity, confidentiality and professional conduct.

Our engagements are led by a Senior Accountant and the Audit Department’s Coordinating Accountant, supported by a team of Accountants, Administration and Accounting Analysts and Consultants from other fields.

Our Audit services include: audit of financial statements, limited reviews of financial statements, previously agreed upon audit procedures, business acquisition audits, operations audit, review of administrative processes, internal control system and reasonable assurance services.

The audit of financial statements, aside from the audit opinion, comprises a memo detailing any weaknesses found in the organization’s internal control, as identified during the course of our work, and recommendations in this regard we consider may be of interest to the client.